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Forum » Windower » Support » Lua error runtime. Lua error runtime. I made changes to a number of libraries yesterday which hide. Lua runtime error:. What do you guys use? 4 comments; share; save. Rather than a window with the errors popping up, a little button appears on the minimap when there are errors, and. BugGrabber\ BugGrabber. lua: 573: in function [ C] : in function ` Hide'. the error might be on another addon. Elive closed issue Jul. Due to the recent circumstances where GitHub has been acquired by Microsoft, I have decided to leave this place.

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    There can' t be any better time to move to an open- source project ( at least one where most parts are) rather. I there a way to ask password in lua but hide with asterisks? I' m asking about a console application. This help- page, Help: Lua debugging, explains issues of writing Lua script and debugging the source code, to remove errors or improve performance. Because Lua is a " semi- compiled" interpreted language, it does not prescreen for all common syntax errors, nor detect misspelled variables, which are only found at runtime when seeing the " Script error. MoveAnything enables you to move, scale, hide and adjust transparency of just about any screen element in. Report bugs here - Include the LUA error message e the errors from elvui or from. If you want, you can disable lua errors. I use it at the moment and to be honest I did not get any single lua error assigned. Can we not hide LUA errors anymore? Please do not respond with something along the lines of remove all your add on, I have worked really hard to get my pile of lua errors I was getting yesterday down to just 1 and i cant. Is there anyway of disabling the box that appears when add- on errors, can cause real problems trying to heal and the box appears. You can' t just leave and get the update.

    Everytime a patch comes out, the add- ons have to be. This Lua module is used on To avoid. ( ' Module: Message box' ). showInvalidTypeError - whether to show an error if the value passed to the type parameter was. This' d be helpful for recording, is there a way to hide LUA errors from appearing on the right side of the screen? How to hide lua errors? I have the dll and the lua file I wrote with notepad in the correct folders according to that old thread but it still won' t work,. Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to. 1M, built in 8 seconds ~ > lua lua: error while loading shared libraries:.

    Discovering the Simple Solutions for your Wow Lua Error Hide Problems There are specific errors that you will bump into when utilizing your computer. What’ s even worse is, you don& # ; t know what that problem is about and where it came from. i just want to hide this 1 error. duplicates of same error are. / console scriptErrors 1 to display LUA errors / console scriptErrors 0 to hide LUA. For World of Warcraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Any way to stop Lua Errors? 20 – The String Library. The power of a raw Lua interpreter to manipulate strings is quite limited. A program can create string literals and concatenate them. Hi guys, I have spent last 2 months with this problem ( LUA error keeps showing on my screen). I tried to re- install. post the errors, lol. we wont have any idea what the problem is without seeing them.

    [ C] : in function ` nsole scripterrors 0 turns off lua errors / console scripterrors 1 turns them on subscribing and liking my all my videos turns me on I do say one cuss word. Addon for hide errors in LUA- Scripts. vel_ hideerror 0/ 1 - Hide Error ( 1 - enable/ 0 - disable) Author - Unknown. Topic on Extension talk: Scribunto < Extension talk:. Stradivarius on tour. Lua error in Module:. My questie was working perfectly then came my LUA error. Questie is not showing anything on my map or minimap. Copy URL Killval Apr 5,. Even with the option " Instantly Hide World.

    Interface\ AddOns\ TipTac\ core. trying to change the menu in the options will result in an LUA error that looks. Linnet' s How To _ Remember to like and subscribe See all my videoes in playlist / categories here youtube. com/ channel/ UCmd6xmZpPhJ6I9oe6hn65Hg/ pl. GameTooltip: Hide( ) end function WowLua: Button_ OnClick( button). - - Run the script, if there is an error then highlight it. getting Lua spammed out the ass now. Trying to remove the hud from the client using this LUA script. net/ wiki/ HUD# Components - - Hide HUD Citizen. CreateThread( while true do if ( DoesEntityExist( ped ) an& hellip;. Lua error in package. Hide; Jackmcbarn. Yeah actually this one [ ERROR] addons/ darkrpmodification/ lua/ darkrp_ modules/ freezeplayers/ sv_ freeze.

    lua: 39: attempt to call method ' Freeze' ( a nil. I have been having trouble with Lua errors for some time now, and can' t seem to get rid of it. I know there is a couple of other topics out here about lua err. Hide Lua and XML Error. by: chero90 Simple lightweight addon, which allows you to hide all the annoying Lua and XML error messages, that bfa brought us. I frequently get LUA error popups when I' m running WoW with more than two or three addons. Is there a good way to prevent such errors? Recent News from MMO- Champion. Can we not hide LUA errors. It is not a serious error something to do with honor frame my guess is because.

    Simple lightweight addon, which allows you to hide all the annoying Lua and XML error messages, that bfa brought us. In the past there was in the Interface" - settings a checkbox " hide error messages", which is now. Disable LUA Errors Interface and Macros. I can live with that but when errors occur and the error box is repeatedly appearing and you can' t log, I can' t with that. lua function - disable show lua errors. Another option would be to use a custom error display. I hope you are not an addon author trying to hide your. I haven' t played the game in well over a year and started back up again today in preparation for Legion. I' m wondering if there' s an addon to hide. Improved Error Frame Addon * * * * us. to/ addon/ improvederrorframe Get rid of them nasty red boxes of death on your screen with this addon. Mapster\ Mapster- 1. LUA error being generated therefor it is not a BUG according to. TITAN_ CLOCK_ MENU_ HIDE_ GAMETIME = " Hide Time. Please do not respond with something along the lines of remove all your add on, I have worked really hard to get my pile of lua errors I was getting yesterday down to just 1 and i doesnt show the LUA Error but the window with " Chatter has been blocked from an action only available to.