Mysql workbench syntax error

com/ doc/ refman/ 5. 7/ en/ timestamp- initialization. html), то хотя бы слушайте умные советы. DEFAULT CURRENT_ TIMESTAMP либо DEFAULT 0 либо. Simply use: ALTER TABLE myschema. employee DROP COLUMN date_ of_ birth;. or if you had non standard identifiers or reserved keywords to escape, you could use backticks: ALTER TABLE ` myschema`. ` employee` DROP. If I open up MySQL Workbench 6. 04, and try to execute even a simple statement like.

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    Error mysql syntax

    I know there is no syntax error because I can copy and paste that exact statement into MySQL command line and it works. You forgot the last paranthesis: CREATE TABLE Documents( DocumentID INT NOT NULL AUTO_ INCREMENT, PRIMARY KEY( DocumentID), Field1 VARCHAR( 120), Field2 VARCHAR( 120), Field3 VARCHAR( 120), Field4. You are wrongly using UNIQUE keyword. It should be used at the end of column definition. Change: ` id` INT( 10) UNIQUE UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_ INCREMENT. you have small issue on your end tag delimiter $ $ Create procedure addFish( in_ color varchar( 45), in_ pattern varchar( 45) ) BEGIN INSERT INTO ZenFish ( ` ZenColorsID`, ` Pattern`, ` Hatched` ) VALUES ( ( select idZenColors. You have to change the delimiter. Otherwise MySQL thinks that your procedure ends after the very first ;. Write it like this: DELIMITER $ $ CREATE DEFINER= ` PROCEDURE ` loginAuthentication` ( w I need to add a stored procedure that uses MariaDB 10. 2 functionality ( which has also been released in MySQL 8. 0), namely recursive CTE' s. However, the syntax checker of MySQL workbench only supports up until. I am trying to create and set a variable: DECLARE myId INT; SET myId = 5;.

    However, I am getting invalid syntax complaint in MySQL Workbench: SQL syntax error near ' DECLARE myId INT; '. I have tried the following variants:.