Excel runtime error 1004 no cells were found

First you don' t really want to be referring to Excel range references e. " A4" as any changes to the worksheet can create a. Do not use the Goto statement to direct code execution out of an error handling block. Doing so will cause. Exit Sub ERR_ HANDLE: Select Case Err. Number Case 1004 ' Code to resolve error '. ' Resume - clear error, jump. I believe Error 1004 no cells were found occurs if a dependent cell is blank. Post your excel WS to the board - HTMLMaker Add- In. F7: F36 is an IF statement resulting in either a blank " " or a sum of that row ( ie. sum( D7: E7) ) It works correctly if I have a value in F of the target row, but I get the run time error. I' d find something like this easier to follow: Private Sub ComboBox1_ Enter( ) Dim rrange As Range Dim VisibleRange As Range Dim rcell As Object Set rrange = Sheets( " Project details" ). This is probably the laziest way to do it: Sub test( ) On Error GoTo test_ Error Dim src As Worksheet Dim tgt As Worksheet Dim filterRange As Range Dim copyRange As Range Dim lastRow As Long Set src = ThisWorkbook.

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    Runtime cells found

    As far as I can see you' d only get the " No Cells Found" message if every cell in Column A has a value. com/ excel- programming/ microsoft- visual- basic- run- time- error- 1004- no- cells- were- found. What you could do to avoid the error popping up is add an error handler. For Example: Sub Main( ) On Error GoTo NoBlanks Range( " A1: A10" ). SpecialCells( xlCellTypeBlanks). Value = " N/ A" NoBlanks: Resume Next ' or add. This will ensure that at least 1 row is visible even if nothing is found ( Excel will not hide the header row). This prevents the error from jamming up execution and gives you a set of cells to check if data was found. Explains SpecialCells such as blank, lastcell and more and how to use them including looping the found cells and error handling. Using SpecialCells in Excel VBA.

    specialcells example. I am trying to write macro to automatically categorize cells from selected range into " input", " output" and " calculation" cells. I am getting " Run- time error ' 1004' : No cells were found" for the statements containing rCell.